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Booking transactional loads is an expensive and overly complicated process that relies on too many calls, emails and website visits. newtrul provides customers a first generation metasearch engine and portal to easily search, find, and book loads.

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Truck Load Board Search Engine – Freight Load Board Search Engine - newtrul Logistics
Truck Load Board Search Engine – Freight Load Board Search Engine - newtrul Logistics

We do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on growing your business


newtrul inegrates with a shipper or broker's current technology


Carriers log into newtrul and search for the perfect match


Carriers find & instantly book shipments in newtrul


Booking data is pushed to the shipper or broker's technology

Result ?

digital bookings with partners you know and trust

Search Loads

Choose Origin City, Type of Load and other preferences
Instantly utilize the powerful newtrul engine

View Load Details

See the load details in a user friendly format and view the loads that match your criteria with ease.

Go deep into available load information

See Booked Loads

See your historical data and keep your information organized. In one place.

enhance your data analytics knowledge

they trust newtrul

LiVe Logistics - Truck Load Board Search Engine – Freight Load Board Search Engine - newtrul Logistics
Load One partners with newtrul
Amodei partners with newtrul Logistics
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LiVE Logistics sees 83% decrease in the average time to book loads with newtrul

LiVe Logistics is a seasoned and forward-thinking brokerage looking to leverage transformative transportation technology. They’ve historically relied on “the usual suspects,” like public load boards, for truck procurement and they’ve been wary of the influx of technology solutions that only add steps to an operator’s workflow.

Decrease in average time to book loads: 83%
Decrease in cost per booking 90%

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Truck Load Board Search Engine – Freight Load Board Search Engine - newtrul Logistics

We consistently publish white papers, case studies and blog posts to make sure our customers and readers are equipped with the latest available insights.

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Solutions differ by management goal, where and how you operate and more. So, newtrul identifies your position accurately to come up with a solution that works for you

Maybe you have been on the market for a while, used a couple of solutions, we don’t want to sound too confident but… newtrul is the way to go.

newtrul is easy and intuitive. The moment you decide to give it a shot, it’s only a matter of minutes until you see our powerful solution in action.

We love to get to know our customers, and hope you’d like the same too. We are always one button away from jumping on a call with you.

Utilizing newtrul’s powerful solution – we have no doubt – will impact your top-line very quickly. Let’s see how fast we get you there!

Our customers see the benefit of newtrul. We are here to change the freight industry forever. However, we are more interested in changing your life.

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