A Centralized Solution
For A Fragmented Industry

Fragmentation leads to consolidation. newtrul’s mission is not only to consolidate the 75+ logins a carrier currently uses to source a shipment, but to provide a simple booking experience, quicker payment options and leverage ELD data to provide clients with geolocation data on every load booked. We’re also working on fun projects like predictive capacity and rating. All in one place. #logisticsconsolidation

Connecting carriers
and their customers

newtrul is your one-stop-shop. We do the heavy lifting to boost employee productivity and leverage working capital while giving your customers the data they need, without ever picking up the phone.

A truly neutral platform
where everyone wins

We’ve created a platform for the carrier, whose operating margins are the lowest across all sectors of transportation. Help them help you. Increased margins. Lower cost to serve. Increased working capital. Reduced liability.