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We know you’re always looking to grow your business. We are here for you.

Each year, over 29 billion miles are driven with empty or partially empty equipment. Not only does this harm our environment, it leads to lost time and money. newtrul wants to help change that statistic.

See in Action

Newtrul is a completely free, private load portal that allows carriers to connect with their customers and see all available loads in one place. Your first stop on your booking journey, our user-friendly platform allows you to work smarter, not harder, and makes the search for loads faster than ever.

We know you’re always looking to grow your business. Leverage the shipment density within newtrul’s platform to locate and identify new shipper and broker opportunities. Diversify your existing business with new customers, all in one place.


newtrul integrates with your TMS with it’s powerful API’s.

Log in

Log in to the platform right within your TMS

Book Shipments

As simple as it sounds, just log in and book your favorite load.


we do the syncing so you don’t have to worry about it.

Search and choose what’s best for you!

utilize newtrul’s search engine right within your TMS to choose the best load for you and book digitally

  • newtrul is integrated directly to your TMS!

  • newtrul’s platform is 100% digital so you don’t have to worry about manual data entry


let’s take a quick look at what newtrul is/is not

newtrul is

  • a digital booking tool
  • a private network that prioritizes the carriers you know and trust

  • Fully integrated into your TMS, meaning you don’t log into anything
  • A carrier acquisition tool that focuses on high quality, mid-market carriers

  • A freight aggregation platform for your carriers
  • Your “sixth man”

newtrul is not

  • a public load board

  • a broker
  • Subscription based

  • Automating you job

  • An app
  • Reliant on phone and email
  • an email spam machine
  • an extra tab on your internet browser

Request a demo.

newtrul is intuitive and easy, so you can skip the lengthy onboarding sessions.